William Spittle

William Spittle


Also Known As: Noz
Society Position: Players Representative
Previous Society Positions: NA

Current WHV Handicap: 22

Joined the Tour in: [year started]

[Description, Lore, Rumours]

Noz (or N. O. Z.) has some would say 'the most natural swing on tour'. Slightly contentious claim, although this is not a claim the individual makes, more forced upon him by Ash. There is no doubt he has the ability to go far in the sport if he decides to have a proper crack at it. Can be very strong on his day, with a power game to envy, but like so many of the members it is consistency he lacks over the whole term. Short game has been known to 'wander' and seems to get down on himself if he suffers a couple of bad holes - great for the rest of the field, but dread the day he has his full time 'game head' on as he will be tough to beat. A likeable lad who deserves to shrug of the 'Journeyman' tag his fellow members call him behind his back. When drunk he is also well know to be the most difficult man in history to manouevre.

Disicplinary Issues: [Summary of charges]
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Events Entered
2003 Delete these years if not required
2009 Gibbon, Spittle, Brissle


Victories: 2009 Gibbon
Places: 2nd at 2009 Brissle


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W-winner 2,3,4-placed E- Not Placed N-non runner P-pulled up

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