Robert Hall

Robert Hall

Also Known As: Idiot
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Previous Society Positions: Captain 2008

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The former Chairman and now Club Captain '08, bought himself some 'friends' when he donated the Claret Jug a few years ago. Peaked at the Vale in 06, where two steady rounds saw him bring home the bacon. Has since failed to deliver on all fronts since that afternoon in South Wales. Playing off 5 he now has the fun task of cutting the other members until he himself might have a chance of winning something again. But should live by his own mantra that the handicap is a representation of an individual at his peak. A big hitter with a mercurial short stick, either red hot or stone cold, surely it is only a matter of time before the 'big fella' finds form again. Has the bit between his teeth this year to recapture some silverware.

Disicplinary Issues: [Summary of charges]
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Events Entered
2003 Delete these years if not required
2008 Brissle, WHV Open
2009 Gibbon, Spittle, Brissle


Victories: 2006 WHV Open, 2009 Brissle
Places: 3rd Place 2008 WHV Open


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W-winner 2,3,4-placed E- Not Placed N-non runner P-pulled up

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