Where's the Heat? Which are the personal battles to watch out for?


The player profiles allow society members to name their WHV Nemesis - they player they view as a supervillan, the one that always just beats them, or annoys them the most.

For ease of understanding these petty differences, a quick reference table is below

If you can't be arsed to update your profile, use the form below and the table will get updated when I get the chance.

Player Nemesis Named as Nemesis By Why?
Noz Bacon Simon Because he's the slowest player on the tour
Bacon Noz Bacon No reason given - personal enmity?
Idiot Pedro Everyone Because he annoys the shit out of him
Spike Gibbon Spike He looks like a monkey with a penis resembling a shrivelled prawn.
Idiot Prof Ash Rob because he's fucking annoying. Whether he is putting on a fucking glove, or trying something ridiculous with a fucking fish slice, or a fucking power draw…he is just fucking annoying. Nothing personal though Pete…
Pedro Rob Pedro Idiot Rob's jealous of pedro's golf shoes.
Rob Noz Rob Idiot Rob's jealous of Noz's luvly golf swing.
Greggers Showelly ? Showelly is Greggers' nemesis. He just can't stop thinking about him whilst making love to George.
Ron The WHV Board Ron Because of the farce surrounding playing a course in the same week as a major. What a joke, it's not like Tiger ever plays a practice round - right! Er just off to get a bottle of Port…

As you will note, some of the suggestions might not be geniune.

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