One Trick Ponies

Players Who Only Featured in One WHV Event

Of course, as time goes on, they may play another one and warrant a page to themselves!

Mr. P Hall: H'cap 9

The Idiot's dad. Played in the Brissle '07. Unlikely to figure again having suffered the Prof's power draw for 5 hours at The Park.

Mr. P Wolstenhome: H'cap 22

New Member

Pal o'Onions: H'cap Not Known

Participated in, and withdrew from 2008 Claret Jug

Non-playing Members

Who do not contribute to society funding. Should really get out and play, they can't be worse than a grumpy Noz

Mr. J Spittle : H'cap 28

Jurg Schnitzel nein nein nein nein clipper clip clobber clipper clip clobber kop van klippenkot hor durchwal durchwal burg burg jurg etc.

Spike Now Playing in 09! (one event at least)

Mr. A Dellbridge : H'cap 36

To be honest - no one knows. A popular supporter of off season events in the 19th, but as for his performance on the course it remains a mystery. Some say his nipples are in fact ball markers, and he has two toes which look like a pitchmark repairer - we only know him as 'Delbs'.
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