Doily Potting

From Robert prior to 2008 DPS

If you have a new DP technique (Freudian slip) you would like to be considered, suggest that this becomes item 2 on the meeting agenda (item 1 is to sign off the minutes from the last meeting obviously).

Any new potting technique proposal should follow the ancient procedure of:

1 - The name of the technique. (Who can forget the Thubmapult, possibly the worst action ever to grace a DP table, which is why we need to be serious about this gentlemen).
2 - A demonstration (twice - in order to prove the first one was not a fluke) - the two pound stirling used for this demonstration will remain in the pot unless one or both of the demonstrations is successful, in which case you will receive your ante back.
3 - A democratic vote Aye's and Nay's. Bribes are acceptable.
4 - 'Motion' either carried or dismissed as appropriate.

We do need to keep an eye on the 'leaners' by the way. Aust at The Portal being the main culprit if I remember rightly.

Suggest therefore that any requests for this, wherever possible, is put in writing before the DPS meeting on Saturday, so we can plan ahead. We don't want a series of 'fakers' making actions up, just for the hell of it…

Any queries?

Suggested agenda:
1 - 'The Signing of the Minutes'
2 - New Techniques proposals
3 - Setting up the table and rules reminder
4 - 'Potting'
5 - Results
6 - Close and any other business

(any other business to include potential 'patent pending' situations eg: Rock Pond Tossing or Wall Chucking ref - Portal Hotel Activities.)


PS. Spell check had 'no suggestions' for Thubmapult…strange.

Covert Filming of Previous DPS

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