Chris Gregory

C Gregory


Also Known As: Greggors, The TD, Gibbon, Helluva Boy
Society Position: Tour Director
Previous Society Positions: NA

Current WHV Handicap: 15.5

Joined the Tour in: [year started]

[Description, Lore, Rumours]
The tour director and only player in the society to insist on playing in ski sallopettes, regardless of the weather. Can be unstoppable on his day if his putter warms up, but flatters to deceive with his mid iron game. Needs to tighten up from 180 - 70 yards in and would be a very tough man to beat. Experiments with facial hair did less to frighten his opponents as to amuse them. Maybe this was his strategy all along? A good man, popular on tour, with respect from his peers which any director requires. The only player to have bought a WAG along to an event (Ref: George at the Gibbon 2008), will have to wait to see if this catches on? Proven performer over numerous course and distances, has to have some good days to win tour this year.

Disicplinary Issues: Performance and Deportment at 2008 WHV Open, Bringing WHVGS into disrepute
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Events Entered
2003 Delete these years if not required
2009 Gibbon


Victories: 2007 Presidents
Places: [i.e. 2nd or 3rd - or 4th in the Jug]


Hulk History: 2009 Gibbon


Nearest the Pin: [list events where the player has won the Hulk]

Form Guide: (details of last 6 events to help a little with the bookie)
W-winner 2,3,4-placed E- Not Placed N-non runner P-pulled up

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Threatening Dark Haired Man

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