A critical part of any tour event is the food.

2009 Breakfast Reviews

Scored against content, quality, quantity and punctuality

1st The Gibbon

An early favourite, served on time with a smile. Large oval plates with quality grilled sausages (2 each) and crisp back bacon. The added attraction of black pudding makes this a tough challenge for subsequent events to match.

2nd The Brissle

A little late to the table, especially with only seven men to feed. Service generally was not the greatest - there was no option of a post-round meal, which meant that TGI Fridays at Cribbs Causeway was declared by Aust to be possibly the best menu he'd never eaten from…."I could eat everything on this menu - I'm not kidding".

The grub at the Brissle wasn't too bad, although Pedro noted that his bacon was a little on the streaky side. Could be fairly judged as a little greasy. Communal toast arrangements (cold toast too) are never ideal, and neither are fried sausages. Not enough tea, too much coffee. But we did get to sit in a private room at a nice long table - which tends to add to the atmosphere before the event.

3rd The Spittle

Served up a little late by one of those strange clubhouse denizens who later in the day was working the bar whilst mopping the floor and refusing to smile at anyone. The breakfast itself was standard in practically every way - no special components, no particular signs of quality ingredients. Generally judged as OK, but 'not as good as the Gibbon'

4th The Presidents

We weren't expecting much, and we didn't get much. A nice dry bap each with two, count em, rashers of back bacon. Every man knows the bap to rasher ratio should never fall below 3 or you're looking at potential breadmouth syndrome.

However, the lunch was more than acceptable - see the gallery on the Presidents page for a nice reminder.

Even with a nice lunch, this is a breakfast review section. If 'day grub' was allowed then the post-round feast at the Brissle might have made it a winner.

PEDRO Masters Fasters

The only event this year to feature no food for the boys at all.

Permanent Last Place

Not a breakfast, not served in 2009, but no one will ever forget the travesty of the 2008 President's Lunch. Over an hour late to the table, and later revealed to have been concocted by someone who 'wasn't the chef' - ask anyone who was there about the tomato soup and beef puff pastry pies…..

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