Aaron Brown

A Brown

Also Known As: Ron
Society Position:
Previous Society Positions: NA

Current WHV Handicap: 0.2

Joined the Tour in: [year started]

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The Society's 'Low Man'. The measure of the man is visible when the members off 28 handicap look scared when he stands on the first tee. A prodigious hitter off the tee, a silky mid iron game, with the deftest of short games make this man still a danger off scratch. Rarely goes away empty handed from an event, he needs to make more of the minors and majors to challenge for the overall tour prize. Surely a club team match or even a county match is not as important as 'The Gibbon' and it's associated ranking points. The members of the society are looking forward to the next Ash/Brown wager. Wether it be golf/cards/throwing stones at fish in a pond, it is all welcomed with anticipation.

Disicplinary Issues: [Summary of charges]
WHV Disciplinary Records Page

Events Entered
2003 Delete these years if not required
2008 WHV Open, PEA
2009 Gibbon


Victories: [pagelinks to match reports]
Places: 3rd at 2008 PEA


Hulk History: Day 2 of 2008 WHV Open


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Form Guide: (details of last 6 events to help a little with the bookie)
W-winner 2,3,4-placed E- Not Placed N-non runner P-pulled up

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