2009 Schedule
Date Tournament Location Entrance Fee
Saturday 28th March Gibbon Invitational Henley GCC 5 lads per boy
Sunday 19th April Spittle Shield Swindon Golf Club 5 lads per boy
Saturday 16th May Brissle Open Bristol Golf Club 10 lads per boy
Saturday 27th June President's Classic The Warwickshire 10 lads per boy
Saturday 1st August PEDRO Masters TBC by Ash 10 lads per boy
Saturday 12th September Captain's Cup TBC by Captain 5 lads per boy
Friday 2nd October The Amy Austin TBC by President 5 lads per boy
3rd/4th October The WHV Open Championship TBC by President 20 lads per boy
Saturday 5th December End of season social and AGM TBC by President NA

1) Tournaments in bold denote Major events
2) All efforts have been made to ensure accuracy although dates and details are subject to change at the discrection of the Tour Director under the agreement of the WHVGS Board
3) Minor Tournaments may be added to the Tour Calendar as agreed by the Tour Director and the WHVGS Board
4) Entrace fees will be used for event prize funds as well as additional WHVGS overheads approved by the Board. Such overheads may include, although not be limited to, tour clothing, beverage purchase, doily supplies and errant betting wagers. Competition green fees will remain the responsiblity of individual competitors.

The schedule is also available as a google calendar:

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