PEDRO Masters

Saturday 1st August

Bicester Golf & Country Club - Website

Defending Champion - Simon (of the PEA Masters)

Tee times from 1.09pm

Refreshments None provided - sort yourselves out before and after the round
Cost £25

Format Individual Stapleforth
Longest Drive
Nearest the pin

Prize structure: See Below

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Entrants: Pres, Cooperman, Simon, Pedro, Ron, Bacon, Noz, TD, Ads, Aust, Beggles, Bruce, Millers, Smithy, Campo

From the Sponsor:

(1) The prize funds for second place will be generated by a fine system placed on 4 specific holes (one per board member) - e.g. 50p per shot in the bunker on hole 4 etc. If you have a terrible day expect to fork out £5 in fines - though I'd expect most to pay 50p to £2. Hopefully just enough to pay 2nd place more than Millers actually gets for winning. Or jack all if he's second himself.

(2) PEDROPower are donating £20 into a specific prize fund for the final fourball. £5 will go to each nearest the pin winner on four holes within that group of four only. The final fourball will be the Professor himself and the 3 players who have bet the most money on the event (they can truly consider themselves to be the Big Three). So when the odds are listed, get on the website.

Golf Costs
£25 green fee
£10 purse for 1st place, nearest the pin, longest drive, TD's missus
£? fine system for second place

Current Big Three

Ron has weighed in heavy
Noz has also shown some green
One empty slot….

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