2009 Alamanac

Website updates up to the Presidents Classic:

Scandal Brewing…..

From the desk of the President: General thoughts please - It has come the attention of the Board, that certain Member(s), took part in a "practice round" yesterday - Playing the actual course selected for Saturday's afternoon Major, 4 days before the competition proper. As a Member, do you:

(A) Not care,

(B) Think that this is perfectly acceptable and shows real commitment to the GS, recognising how important a WHVGS Major is in the sporting calendar, or

(C) Think that the perpetrator(s) are underhand scheming shark(s), who need to be punished for trying to again an unfair advantage over other GS Members for the competition proper….

Please can you inform the Captain and Players Representative of your thoughts…

Any votes for A, B or C will be used to update the chart below

Bruce has been abused as a C**k by Ron for voting C, it is not clear if this is suggesting Mr H is a Cook or a Cork.

Details of Presidents Classic Announced

More information on the event page

Let Dougal know if you're up for the longest day of the year.


Sponsor and 'Local' triumphs in the Brissle and Wins Cup named after his Son

RobertIanHall edged the victory in the first major of the year by a single point from the OoM topping Noz. A tough track with punishing rough and a howling gale made for a challenging round for the seven entrants. The results, and the match report when ready will be visible at the Brissle Page

Results updated following feedback - Breakfast Feature Added

After some complaints from pedants, I've updated the results sheets to show gross results - adding the minimum blob gross shots for blobbed holes to prevent thinking they shot 68 or something. I've also added a new gross shots table to the Standings Page.

New on the site is the breakfast review page - feel free to add your own comments

New Products Added to the Shop

No sales yet - get in before the board decide to start adding a markup to increase the society coffers! If you've got any requests or suggestions, let me know.

These Colours Don't Run

Now you can wear WHV with pride. Specialist shirts and other items are now available in the WHV Gentlemens Outfitters. Visit the new WHV Shop here.

Brissle Details Announced by Idiot

And not before time - get yourself on the starters list….Brissle Event Page, or big up your chances on the forum.

Brucie Bonus at the Spittle Shield

All of the scores and results are on the Spittle Shield Page

WHV'ers Triumph in Off Tour Event

Occasional WHV member Woolly took the honours at a British Gas golf day round the magnificent Arden course at the Forest of Arden. He claims he's considering bringing this form back to the tour soon. Noz continued his good early season showing by taking second spot, with Simon a point behind. Noz did lose out on the Longest Drive prize after seeing his leading mark bettered by a good 30 yards by the Harrison. Also playing were Bacon and the Prof, although they did not figure in the final reckoning.

Noz and Pedro decided that discretion was the better part of valour and dropped out of their morning scamble tee-time (Noz claims it was post-Vegas jetlag, but everyone knows he doesn't like it even a little wet when it's early), leaving Bacon stuck playing a two man scramble with a nutter.

Noz Pays the Penalty for Tardiness with Match Report

Click on the President's Tab for more details.

Here's the updated OoM table

Check out all the standings

Noz jangles his bandito spurs to the WHV Curtain Raiser title

All the results are on the Gibbon Page, and the match report and pictures will follow shortly. a little late!

Your updated handicaps, which should be the playing caps for the Spittle Shield are here

The WHV Tour Standings are up to date and working for those of you who want to update your email signatures.

Not Long Till…..The Spittle Shield


Noz has announced the details for the Spittle Shield

There is a thread on the forum to bait each other before this event.


New Pages

I've added some more juvenile stuff, which I think accurately reflects the 'tone' of the society - Petty Rivalries & Champions!

Still Early Days

I'm still working on the content and layout of the site

On the 'To Do' List

All of the content from the old site has moved, and much more has been added. If there's anything missing, or any suggestions - let me know

  • Update the player profiles
  • Update player bio's once I have the full schedule of 2008 Results

Updating the Site Yourself

If you want to edit the data on the site, you'll need to sign up as a member, but remember that abusing any of the detail held on the pages might not be viewed lightly - unless it can be proved that Noz's favourite film is Mamma Mia! then the administrator retains the right to amend all content.

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