2008 Presidents Classic

Match Report by Curtis


Remembering the WHVGC Presidents Classic of 2007 – it was not surprising that on the morning of the 2008 Pres’s classic it was absolutely persisting it down again. Fortunately this year the TD was not required to forget the shirts and I believe all arrived in suitable attire. With the weather not letting up – a coffee and cold bacon roll was had by all – in preparation for the long and soggy day ahead.

Swimming down to the first tee – the groups went off the first to start the morning 18 holes in teams - with a Ryder cup feel to the event. The sun began to shine, and at times the golf did too ! The morning was a test with a couple of close matches – finishing with the President’s team losing by a few points – helped in part by the gripper and I missing two 7ft putts – to half our match.

In the interval we were served up a fine feast of catfood and tinned tomatoes in a stodgy pastry – Beautiful !! ( this is why it was only 60 nicker all in ). A couple of boys were forced to take the mystery meal – of sausage and mash – which looked ok to be fair. A couple of jars and all were ready for the convoy down to the first to watch the ‘lesson’ by the Prof. ( a 3 iron stinger of sorts - sorry boys can’t remember what it was named ) – filmed for the viewing pleasure of the Captain on his return from the States.

The afternoon was a Stapleforth clash – and with the sun shining – looked like it was going to be a great afternoon of quality golf. ( Mmmmm – with the winning score at 28 – I think this was a little optimistic at the time ). Poor scoring was the order of the day and after the Pres received a severe telling off by the Noz – for holding up play ( Oohh Oohh – hark at him ) – the rain came down and the poor scoring continued.

I played like a goon and after only 4 or 5 good holes on the back nine managed to drag my score to a half reasonable one – finishing down what seemed like the longest 18th ever with a point – to record a 28 - and steaming the tourno ! Looks like I’ve managed to steal the Yellow jersey – which I’m sure will be handed back to a more worthy wearer next time.

In all a cracking day of golf !!! Looking forward to the Next – Brucie ?

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