2008 Brizzle

Match Report by Aust


The first major of the season was played at Bath Golf club which proved to be an excellent venue and a testing 18 holes.

The golf started with a master class from the professor (pre tournament favourite with the bookies) in bunker play. I’m sure all those privileged enough to be present will have no fear of finding the sand again.

The nerves were on show on the first tee with a series of below par drives (despite another master class from the Professor on the perfect faded tee shot) – the one exception to this was Spittle who boomed his first tee shot unluckily catching the rough. This pattern continued for the opening holes with Spittle taking the early lead showing some encouraging form. Sadly Baxter did not have such a good start with 8 blobs in the first 8 holes including a series of air shots.

The sixth hole brought the long drive contest – this was won by Austin with a prestigious snap hook which came bounding back off the slope of the left hand rough to finish 2 inches onto the fairway and 120 yards from the tee. This remained the only drive to hit the fairway despite Baxter’s attempt to take the award with an iron.

The scores at the halfway stage were tight with Austin leading the way on 15 points but with 5 players within 3 points including all of Team1 (Idiot, Simon, Pedro, Millers) and Noz.

The scoring generally improved for the back nine possibly as a result of the effects of the previous evenings entertainment wearing off some of the competitors.

The par 3’s were proving fruitful for Millers almost scoring a hole in one on the 11th and with the 14th seeing him take home the spoils in the nearest the pin contest.

Hall’s challenge faltered with some inconsistent play, despite 3 birdies interspersed over the 18 holes, as did that of the Professor around the turn with 20 shots on the 9th and 10th

20 points on the back nine from Miller were not quite enough to catch Austin who finally sealed victory on the 18th to finish on 34 points (2 ahead of Millers). A good performance from the debutant Simon as he came in third with 29 points.

The team scores were a tie on 80 points after 18 holes but was decided on the back nine scores with Team Allsop, Austin, Baxter and Spittle taking it with 44 points compared to 42 from Team 1.
All in all an entertaining day on what proved to be an excellent course

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