2008 AGM

Dear Members


For those of you who came to the WHVGS AGM on Saturday, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and felt suitably jaded on Sunday Morning. Obviously that excludes the TD, who decided to drive and "was the joint first Santa over the line" in the Walsall "Santas on the run" race on Sunday morning.

For those of you who couldn't (be bothered to) make it, you missed a very entertaining night and I can confirm that the Member's who did attended suitably dealt with the remaining GS funds for the 08 Tour as documented in the Financial Model.

I understand that the Undisputed 2008 WHVGS Pool Champion will be writing a report to document the Pool and subsequent competition, which everyone agreed was run superbly organised, especially given the late drops outs and no shows… I will not disclose the name of the Pool Champion at this stage and will let his report do the talking.

In respect of the AGM - I can confirm that the 2009 Board will comprise:

* The President - D Baxter
* The Captain / Skipper and Constitutional Advocate - Prof R P Ash
* The TD - C Gregory
* The Players Representative - Noz

Our thanks go to the only out going 2008 Board Member - Mr I Hall, who actually came second in the voting for the 2009 Captaincy, but to be quite honest he will have plenty on his plate when there is a "Little Idiot" making mess and smells in Diana Gardens from January - Best of luck old chap.

The 2008 Almanac will be finalised and updated in due course, but in summary it was agreed that:

1) The TD's fine for his "performance at the CJ" and for "bringing the WHVGS into disrepute" is to provide a 20 year old bottle of Tawny Port and a "quality cheese board" for the General meeting at the 2009 Claret Jug.

2) The 2008 WHVGS SPOTY (Sports personality of the year) is the C Gregory

3) It was agreed that the 2009 Claret Jug should be held abroad - Provided that the cost of the golf, travel and accommodation is less than £400 and only requires a single days holiday.

4) The 2009 will reconsider the following Points of Order before the commencement of the 2009 Tour:

* The use of the Yellow and Orange Shirts
* The WHVGS Ranking Points system
* The minium consistent parts for a Match Report
* A Prize for the OoM Winner

5) It was agreed that the WHVGS will continue with and improve the use of the Website and if due to their new responsibilities Mr and Mrs Idiot are able to continue the duties as Webmaster - Mr Harrison (who has the necessary skill set) and volunteered to set up to the plate.

6) Mr J Spittle does not get paid a designer commission for the use of the WHV crest

7) Mr J Spittle is to attend at least 2 WHVGS Tour events in 2009


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