2006 Almanac

2006 Tour Summary

2006 WHV Order of Merit

1. Prof. P Ash
2. I Hall
3. A Austin
4. C Gregory
5. A Brown
6= The field

Note – up until 2007 there was no official ranking points system. Competition weightings were arbitrarily determined by Prof P Ash.

2006 Competition Summary

The Chris Gregory Stag Invitational – Carden Park, Cheshire

1st Prof P Ash
2nd I Hall (on Stapleforth count back)

The ‘Combe Annual Open – Ilfracombe, Devon

1st Prof P Ash
2nd C Gregory
3rd I Hall

The WHV Open (Claret Jug) – The Vale, Wales

1st I Hall
2nd A Austin
3rd A Brown

Note – up until 2007 the events that formed the WHV Golf Society Tour were determined by Prof P Ash.

2006 Financial Statement

Until 2007, the WHV Golf Society was an ad-hoc funded organisation on a voluntary basis by its members. There is therefore no Financial Statement for 2006.

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