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Details of the 2009 WHV Open

As provided by President Dougal

Dear WHVGS Members

I have great pleasure to announce the details of the 2009 Claret Jug / WHV Open – The Big One, the one everyone wants, the only one that really matters etc.. etc… For the new Members the WHV Open weekend for the CJ is the most important event on the Tour Calendar, a 36 holer over 2 days and as such counts for a multitude of OoM ranking points – It also entitles the Winner to wear the covered WHVGS Green Jacket, with embossed gold badge – a true sight to be hold and a genuine honour, until the following year’s event. Coupled with that, the Amy Austin is a Tour Minor which takes place on the preceding Friday – It is a must for all WHVGSers.

So after (quite literally) scouring Europe for a suitable venue for such an auspicious weekend to incorporate, 2 quality courses, stylish, contemporary surroundings, for a reasonable price and not requiring handicap certificates…. The venue has been selected – The only down side is that it is somewhat of a trek, but it will be worth a few hours on the M5, I can assure you – “I knew it was going to be good, but not this good….it’s everything I hoped for and more…St Mellion is potentially the finest golf course in Europe” – Quote Jack Nicklaus 1988

So there you have it – The St Mellion Resort will host the 2009 Amy Austin the 2009 WHV Open : http://www.st-mellion.co.uk/

The golfing itinerary is:

2nd October – Early start, to arrive at St Mellion in good time for the Amy Austin

Amy Austin – Tee times from 12.30 : On the “Jack Nicklaus Signature Course” – The Venue for the 2011 English Open and one of the Top 100 courses in the UK.

3rd October – A lie in and a cornish breakfast for those already there, or an early start for those travelling down for the WHV Open

The Opening round of the WHV Open – Tee times from 12.40 : On the “Jack Nicklaus Signature Course” – The Venue for the 2011 English Open and one of the Top 100 courses in the UK – You will note that those playing in the Amy Austin will have a slight advantage, having played the course the day before – this is not classed as a practice round under T10 and has the backing of the Board.

4th October – A hang over and a Cornish breakfast for all.

The Final round of the WHV Open – Tee times from 11.40 : On “The Kernow Course” – Originally designed and set out by J Hamilton Stutt in 1976, it soon became recognised as one of the finest courses in the South West, playing host to the Benson & Hedges International Open in 1979, followed by the Tournament Players Championship and the Weetabix Ladies British Open, however with the arrival of the Jack Nicklaus Signature Course in 1988, the Kernow course was somewhat overshadowed, until in 2008 it was completely redeveloped, incorporating 9 of the original holes, extended and modernised, along with nine exciting new holes. With wider fairways, larger greens and spectacular views the Kernow course is a wonderful complement to the Jack Nicklaus Signature Course…..

Followed by the Prize giving and the presentation of the 2009 Green Jacket – Followed by a long drive home….

The costs are:

The Amy Austin and WHV Open:
2 nights Dinner, Bed and Breakfast with 36 Holes Golf, Nicklaus Course & 18 holes Golf Kernow Course – a very reasonable £238.00 per person

The Open only – 1 night Dinner, Bed and Breakfast with 18 Holes Golf Nicklaus Course & 18 holes Golf Kernow Course – a very reasonable £129.00 per person

Please can you all respond, but there is no need to reply to all…. To let me know if you are a 3 Day/2 nighter, or a 2 Day/1Nighter or you if you can’t make it. I will need a £50 deposit from each of you by return, with the balance due at the start of September.

I know it’s a long way (but its nearer than the Algarve) and its a few quid, but it looks the DBs, I think it is pretty good value and is only going to up in price over the next few years and it’s the Claret Jug for goodness sake!

Yours as ever

The President

Debubandit Takes PEDRO Masters

No-one seems that bothered, although I'm sure the board will come up with a punishment for Millers for introducing someone half competent to the society.

Of far more interest was the innovative fine system introduced by the sponsors, which, even with a cap for duffers managed to generate more money for Coops in 2nd than Campo won for taking the event.

By the looks of things, the golf was not the concern of those on the WHV Job in Bicester.
I have a picture of Ron taking his Motown Bolton like a man, and this will be added to the site.

All of the relevant tables and stuff are up to date

PEDRO Masters Page Added

Usual stuff - although it will be disappointing not to be able to record the quality of the breakfast offering. All the details are here - including who's in the Big 3 for the exclusive prize winning fourball.

PedroPower Prices for PEDRO Masters

The sponsors of the upcoming major have published the odds for the event, and updated the Order of Merit odds if you're feeling confident of overhauling Noz now his handicap is more realistic and likely to prompt some real tantrums when he only gets 2 points for a gross bogey. Head on over to the Pedro Power page and place your wagers online.

Presidential Action Gallery

I finally fixed the xD card reader on my PC, so here are some action shots from the first tee on the Presidents page - under gallery for the less intuitive amongst you.

Here's the winner looking comfortable as he gets on the way to 40 points.

News from the Board

They've been busy working on updating the constitution, as a message from the President confirms. You can study and make sure you're familiar with all of the amendments at the Society Constitution Page

It's a Noz World and we're all just living in it

Following a triumph at the Gibbon and a runners up spot at the Brizzle, the society's leading bandit scooped the top prize at the second major of the year with a massive 40 pointer. See below for details of the justice meted out in terms of his cut. It remains to be seen whether his massive lead in the OoM is going to see him through to receive the inaugural OoM trophy.

His surprisingly humble match report is on the Presidents Classic Page.

I will add some details of the team competition when I finally get some time at home (this is being written from a hotel room in Brussels) - I also have a number of 'action' shots of the early groups driving off. This includes Noz connecting with the first drive of his forty-pointer. It was the first round of the WHV year where I wasn't in the lead-off group so was able to do a bit of snapping.

Archiving this front page

I realise that the society rightly prizes legends and tall tales above all other things, and so I have not deleted the stuff that used to be on the front page, I've archived it to the 2009 Almanac Page to provide a record for posterity.

Handicap Fallout from the Presidents

As suspected, Noz faces a swingeing cut following another strong showing in a major. Many members will feel that his new 'cap of 17.9 is much more appropriate than this bandit cappage of the past few years.

Coops has also faced the cutsman - moving from a playing cap of 15 to one of 13 after he had to drop 1.3 for his high scoring runners up place.

Happily, tour stalwarts TD and the Pres got a bump of 0.4 each under the Captain's new handicapping compensation metric. Neither get an extra stroke on the course as yet, but for Dougal, this has only to be a matter of time, with his proud boast of "Most Improved 2008" looking more and more like a flash in the pan, as he has yet to offer any kind of challenge at all this year, getting more points back than even Spike.

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